FAQ for Users

How a user can change the name that displays on Bol De page?

User cannot change their name on Bol De but they can contact the admin.

User can change their account information (Address, Password, Email Id, Mobile Number and Profile Picture) by clicking on the top right icon on Bol De home page. Then choose the “Personal Details” option on the left hand side and edit any field they wish to change.

It is one of the way to tell that each reviewer is a real & unique person. Verification of mobile number helps to built confidence and it is also the fastest as well as simplest form of communication.

It also helps to increase your Trust Factor on Bol De.

(For example: If in future any of your reviews is ever questioned Bol De needs your mobile number to get in touch with you. If you provide a verified mobile number it will be easy for us to contact you)

Yes, you can change or customize the notification preference according to your convenience. We have provided with the following options-(Email, Phone & Push Notification)

User can open their profile page and on the left hand side they will find an option of “Notification Preferences”. They can simply click on the given option and can change preferences according to their convenience. They just need to mark or unmark the check boxes and click the “submit” option.

Bol De allows you to estimate the reputation and reliability of other Bol De members.

Each member is assigned a Trust Factor score- which is based on number of dimensions. Trust Factor score range from 0 to 100 and reviews from members with high trust factors are given more importance.

It is one of the way which helps to appreciate the businesses from which you have rendered the services.

It also helps other users to decide among the businesses which are available on website.

Reviews provide a platform for comparison.

To follow/unfollow a friend or someone you just need to click on the “Follow or Unfollow” icon just next to their review or you can simply open their profile and you will find the “Follow or unfollow” icon on the left hand side below their profile picture.

It is a business metric for evaluating factors that are important for the success of any business.

  • BolDe has provided 5 important key parameters to rate any business (parameters are based upon nature of the business). It helps the users to choose the business according to their preferences.

For example:-

If you are searching for Institutes/Colleges and you are more concerned about the placement or quality of teaching rather than the infrastructure, then you can simply limit your search by looking at the ratings which will be based on your preference.

Two options are available for users to post their reviews because some customers prefer writing short reviews, and there are people who want to write detailed reviews.

We are providing both the options for users:

  • Short review: This is mandatory for publishing any review. And it has limit of 140 words.
  • Detailed review:  This review is optional which limits upto 500 words. Users which detailed review will get 10 more Bol De reward points.

Yes, we have provided the option of posting pictures to our users.

User can simply click on the “Add Photos” icon and attach pictures related to that particular business for which they are publishing their reviews.

Bol De Reward Points can be redeemed.

Our team will get in touch with the users by the end of each month and they will guide you regarding the redemption of Reward Points.