How to Respond to Reviews & Ratings

Responding to a review can be very beneficial for your business. It is a great way to build a relationship with your customers and learn about how they feel. Responding to unhappy customers can lead to positive impact as you care to resolve their query. By responding to good reviews you show gratitude towards the time your customer invested to give you a positive feedback. Remember you are not just responding to a single customer you are speaking to everyone that reads the review including future customers. 

  1. Remember the customers giving you feedback are your paying customers, if you handle them gently, they will surely give you more business.
  2. Reviewers usually are vocal and opinionated that is why they choose to review. You need to think thoroughly before you decide to respond.
  3. Be Nice and Patient. It’s useless to argue with unhappy costumer, avoid yourself a hassle, be descriptive and useful. Highlight the policy which concerns the customer and try to avoid any confusion.
  4. Negative Reviews should not be left unheard. If you use a right approach to handle unsatisfied customer, you might neutralize the impact and possibly convert them to happy customers.
  5. Keep the response personalized and crisp. People are looking for genuine reply, show empathy in the statement that you make.
  6. Take the conversation offline (wherever needed) by providing your number in the response. It will show how serious you are to resolve your customers issue.
  7. Be Thankful of the review- good or bad. As a good review works as a promotional tool and a bad one teaches a lesson.      
  8. Take responsibility and confront the issue, show that you care. Make promises which you can fulfill and make immediate action.
  9. While responding you can always provide costumer useful insight which is not available on the website to recall the business. As your response reaches a mass public at once, it will be a Ultra-Fine Marketing.