Why Choose Us ?

Why Choose Us?

Empowering businesses by introducing them to the online world, our company will increase the market reach of a business. Small to medium and even large business can host a microsite on our website with the same depth of information i.e. available on their own website. Today 34.8%(i.e. 462,124,989) of Indian population uses the internet in their daily routine and the no. is just increasing on daily basis. Internet today has been able to influence consumers buying decisions by enlightening them with the latest trends around the globe. It is instant, allowing the business to constantly update the information/pictures and economical as it is free to list your business on our website. The best way by which you can penetrate a large audience within a limited amount of time. Businesses that can innovate with the changing technology are the ones climbing the ladder for success. We allow small to medium business who do not have the resources to market or advertise to get a fair chance in this cut throat competition. The businesses get ratings and reviews on sole basis of customer satisfaction, how they provide the service or how great their products are.

Power of recommendations is known to all, but it's hard to have a conversation with our neighbors with the busy lives that we live. Who wouldn’t want to know about a good car wash that doesn't rip you off, or a great store that has just been opened up near by your locality.

Social Reviews serves great advantages to a consumer

1- Gives Consumer a voice- People have the power to make or break a brand. Online Reviews give them a voice by which they can share their experience to the masses. A satisfied consumer is a perfect source to narrate a business’s success story.

2- Establishes more trust in the product and company- Consumers reaction of the product is considered above a critic’s reaction. A good response from general public can lead to an increase in value of the product or service overnight. A Brand, product or service which has a good public image tends to grow at a higher pace.

3- Enhanced Consumer Loyalty- A company who is constantly getting good reviews by the consumers for their product or service tends to get more loyalty by the consumers. A consumer will only be loyal to the business if they are able to satisfy them over a period of time. Loyalty doesn’t come from a one-time-transaction; it is the consistency that matters.

4- Increases Interaction- In order to convert a bad review into a good one, a business constantly practices to respond to every unsatisfied consumer. Few genuine queries can be resolved with a single conversation. Businesses have to keep the consumers to the top of their priority list in order to survive in this competitive world.  

1- All the reviews will be user based which will give the true and right picture of the business. The content displayed will be very detailed & professional in nature, our team has focused on small details which will enhance the experience of a user.

2- Users will carry a trust factor percentage so that one could trust the review posted by them, one can follow a user and read all the reviews posted by him/her, flag a review if it’s not appropriate etc.

3- Re-evaluation on reviews will be conducted time to time to maintain the authenticity of them. We will not alter any information given by a user

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